Bathroom Services

At AKB Property Maintenance, our aim is to provide you with the best quality service possible. When it comes to bathroom installation, design, renovations, and electrical, we offer the best services in North Kent.



To ensure you receive the best possible bathroom services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

Whether you’re renovating an old bathroom or building a brand new one, AKB is the company for you. We have a range of bathroom designs and ideas available for you. 


Finding trustworthy builders and installers is difficult today. At AKB Property Maintenance, we have years of experience and come well-reviewed. See our testimonials to see what people have said. We have a skilled, trusted team of bathroom installers that are happy to assist you with all your bathroom needs, offering the best advice and recommendations.


Bathroom design

When it comes to installing a new bathroom, there are thousands of different styles and ideas out there. But, what is the right one for you? What can you get for your budget? How can you make the most of the space you have available for your new bathroom? Are you planning to just freshen up your current bathroom, or do you want a completely new bathroom? If you’re simply giving your bathroom a deep clean, AKB also offers steam cleaning services. Parts of a bathroom may just need a deep clean rather than replacement. Steam cleaning is a great solution!


Designing your bathroom can be a challenging task, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing this. To help get an idea of what you can do with your space, check out this B&Q tool that can get you started and get ideas flowing. On the internet, you can catch up with the latest bathroom design trends, and start to get an idea of what you want. If you require professional decorating services, for example, you may need architrave fitting, we offer a range of decorating services for your bathroom.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding bathroom design. We can send someone over to discuss what you have in mind, take measurements, and start to form a plan. If you need custom cabinets designed and made, please feel free to view our carpentry service page.


If you already know exactly what you want, you can move on to the installation process.


Bathroom installation


How much does it cost to get a bathroom installed?

It depends greatly on the size, what amenities you require, and the total price of other things such as furniture, lighting, tiling, heating, electrical, and so on.


We offer installation, baths, sinks, toilets, plumbing, tiling, tiles, electrical, layout, flooring, vanities, mirror, cabinets, suits, renovations, maintenance, repairs, replacements. You can typically get an average lower end bathroom for around £2,750. If you want something more luxurious, you’ll probably be looking at £7,000+.


How long does it take to install a bathroom?

Simply replacing the bath, sink, and toilet would only take around 2 days. The standard time for fully refurbishing or installing a new bathroom would be around 6 to 8 days.


Does installing a new bathroom increase home value?

According to recent data, a new bathroom can add 5.7% to 7.5% more value to a home. Done on a budget, a new bathroom can pay for itself and more.


Should you waterproof your bathroom?

Having your bathroom professionally waterproofed is always a good idea. Over time, wet spaces can attract mould and other unwanted pests. Waterproofing a bathroom also prevents water damage. We’d say that if you don’t want to have to deal with leaks, mould, and mildew later down the line, it’s best to get your bathroom waterproofed.


What’s the least expensive way to renovate a bathroom?

Everyone loves getting a lot of value for not a lot of money. There are many helpful tips and ideas that can help you achieve that goal when it comes to bathroom renovations and installations.


Here are a few good ways you can get great results on a tight budget:


Tiles: when adding up tiling costs, it can get really expensive. So, fewer tiles = less money. You can decide just to tile where it really needs it like floors and shower walls.


Refurbish: if you want to revamp your old bathroom, you can always get your bathroom fixtures refurbished. A simple clean up and resealing can make a big difference.


Buy used: buying second hand is always cheaper. Why buy brand new when there are perfectly good bathroom fixtures out there just waiting to be installed in your bathroom?


Countertops: if you have your heart set on granite countertops but do not want to spend a fortune, consider buying less popular colours and textures. You can also turn just about any piece of furniture into a sink pedestal, just make sure you waterproof everything after.


Bathroom tiling

Bathroom tiling is a simple and straightforward job. It involves removing old tiles and replacing them, or laying fresh tiles.


What is the process? First, you choose what kind of tile you want for your bathroom. There is a wide variety of tiles available on the market, from budget to high-end.

What services do we offer at AKB? Flexible, efficient, thorough work. The best tools and methods for the job along with years of experience. You can read more about our tiling services here.


After ordering the tiles you are happy with, contact us and book an appointment to get your tiles neatly and carefully in place. You can also request all the tiles to be ordered via the tiler and delivered on the day of the job. We will effectively deal with any possible issues that may arise.


Bathroom electrical installation

Bathroom electrics should never be a DIY job unless you are qualified and fully trained. Having electrics in the bathroom is always risky and must be installed by a professional. Installing lights and heaters require thought, making sure everything is taken into consideration. View our professional electric installation service.


Bathroom plumbing

At AKB Property Maintenance, we offer the best North Kent plumbing services for your bathroom.


Our professional, experienced, qualified, trained bathroom plumbers would be happy to assist with all your plumbing needs, from minor repairs and replacements to problems that could cause major issues.


It’s important to get some sort of idea about bathroom plumbing before remodeling or revamping your own bathroom. Understanding the basics of how everything in a bathroom works will come in handy whilst your bathroom undergoes work.


At AKB Property Maintenance, we offer a range of bathroom plumbing services for residential and commercial properties. Our work involves installing and repairing sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and other pipework. We also offer a drain unblocking and maintenance service.


Did you know broken or blocked gutters and broken roof tiles can cause water damage to your home? It is possible that this could be the cause of mould on the ceiling of your bathroom or any room for that matter. Fortunately, at AKB, we offer both gutter repair and roof repair services.

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