Carpentry Services

Whether you need to fit wooden flooring, repair a banister or window frame, hang doors, fit a custom kitchen, wooden floor, or shelving unit or do anything else that is connected with wood, you need to call in the services of a carpenter!



To ensure you receive the best possible carpentry services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

Do I need a carpenter or a joiner?

In most cases, you need both! These two trades work together under the general description of carpentry but although they are similar they are not quite the same.


Carpentry is the general term for any work connected with wood. However, In the construction trade, a joiner is also a wood specialist. And in a small company, a carpenter may be the joiner as well.


Whereas a carpenter usually works with wood on-site, a joiner is a specialist in making anything that requires the joining of wood such as making window frames, a piece of furniture, or a bespoke staircase. These types of jobs are always carried out in a workshop by the joiner before being fitted by the carpenter on site.


For example, your carpenter would not come to your home and make your new wooden cupboards in your living room. Instead, these would be manufactured by the joiner (sometimes called a cabinet maker) in the workshop and your carpenter would then bring them to your home and fit them, making any adjustments if necessary.


DIY Carpentry Skills

Of course, many of us have some carpentry skills and the tools to match. And for small home projects and even larger undertakings, the DIY home expert is perfectly capable of carrying out some of these without professional input. Armed with a YouTube video for reference many people carry out their own carpentry/ joinery at home and results can be surprisingly good.


However, if you just want a woodworking job completed with the minimum fuss and to a high standard of excellence, it is always better to call in the services of a professional carpenter.


Which types of jobs are carried out by a professional carpenter?

A professional carpenter will be accustomed to working on a wide variety of household projects. Not only does a professional have a high level of expertise, he or she will also have the necessary range of tools to get the job done.


A carpenter will be able to carry out household repairs such as fitting new window frames or repairing a banister, fix a shelving unit or any type of domestic repair where wood is involved.


No job too small

Most carpenters advertise that no job is too small so don’t ever think that you are wasting time by asking a professional to carry out a small repair that you feel that you should be able to do yourself.

Many of us lack carpentry skills as well as tools and time so it makes sense to call in a professional service to do it for you. It is far better to address a small household niggle by calling in a carpenter rather than learning to live with it!


Big projects are also welcome

Carpenters also take on large household projects. Wooden flooring is fashionable right now so whether you want your wooden floor repaired or re-sanded or are looking to fit a whole new floor covering, your local carpenter/joiner will be able to transform your home, making your home look fantastic and contemporary.


Many carpenters specialise in flooring and will provide a range of fantastic choices that will transform your home. Carpentry and decorating services can go hand in hand. If you require professional decorating services, please feel free to view our decorating page for more information.


Some carpentry companies specialise in fitted kitchens. Whether you buy the composite parts of the kitchen but lack the ability to fit them, or you choose a kitchen from the carpentry company or you want to create your own bespoke space, a carpenter will be able to advise you and to bring your plans to life. AKB also offers expert wood flooring services.


Storage solutions

Storage space is also important in the home. A carpenter/joiner will be able to help you maximise space with custom made shelving units and cupboard space, tailor-made for awkward corners and cubby holes that are impossible to fit with ready-made units.


Whether you require storage solutions in the bedroom or are looking to renovate your kitchen, a professional carpentry company offers a bespoke service that creates furniture to fit your home, rather than you having to change your home to fit your furniture.


Stairs and banisters

Renovating your home often means a change to the layout and this means in turn that sometimes you may need to fit a whole new staircase. Your carpenter will be able to do this for you by using a premade unit or by creating the whole staircase for you. Ideal if you are working with limited space and require a specialist option to suit.


A carpenter will also be able to make repairs to an existing staircase making it safe and attractive.


Structural repairs

A carpenter will also repair structural damage or replace timber frames. So if your house needs renovations to the roof frames or the whole support replaced, a carpenter is an important member of any building company.


The bottom line…

The carpenter’s job is probably the most varied of all the trades. It requires a long apprenticeship and training as well as a wealth of tools and equipment to cope with all situations and scale of work.


The thing to remember is that if you do need any work carried out in the home that uses wood, calling in a professional carpenter is the only effective way to guarantee that any work is carried out to a high standard.

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