Decorating Services

At AKB, we offer a range of property maintenance services. Included on that list, is residential and commercial decorating services.



To ensure you receive the best possible decorating services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

Why choose AKB Property Maintenance to decorate your home or business property?

AKB offers professional, efficient, and skillful decorating services at a reasonable price.

Our friendly and reliable workmen come fully equipped with a range of property maintenance skills, you could always receive a quote for another service.


For example, if you desire some custom storage space to be built such as a wardrobe, shelves, and bookcases, the perks of hiring AKB Property Maintenance to work on whatever jobs you need doing around your property will save a lot of time, money, and stress.

Contact us today for a decorating quote either by filling out the form, emailing us, using the chat, or ringing us up.


Should I decorate myself or hire a professional to do it? These days, many think along the lines, “why should I hire someone when I can do it myself?” At AKB, our motto is, “why should you do it yourself when you can hire someone else to do it?” We understand that many are so busy these days. Get the job done the best way and save possible added expenses that usually come with DIY work.


Decorating can increase property value. If you decide to decorate your business property, this can be more attractive to customers, reflecting well on your company.


What decorating services does AKB Property Maintenance offer?


Wall and ceiling prepping

In order to obtain and professional finish whilst decorating, it is essential that walls and ceilings are prepared before any work commences.

What does this prepping work include? Heavy-duty sheets will be spread over furniture and flooring, preventing damage. Removing dust, dirt, grease, and other unwanted substances that may have built up on your walls over the years. Cracks and holes will need to be dealt with before work begins. Stripping away previous paints and wallpaper will often guarantee the best results.


Wall plastering

Get the job done right by hiring AKB to plaster your walls. With years of experience and knowledge, we can neatly plaster your walls whilst adhering to coronavirus restrictions. At AKB, we aim to efficiently plaster your walls whilst protecting any furniture or carpets in your property. We understand that plastering can be a messy business, but with our modern techniques, we will safely and easily handle and apply the plaster.


Painting services

Whether residential or commercial, painting a room neatly and consistently is what we do at AKB Property Maintenance. After you’ve selected what colour you want your wall/s to be, we can either supply the paint or apply the paint you’ve already bought. In some homes, tall walls can be difficult to safely reach and paint. AKB comes fully equipped to handle any size, height, or availability of a wall.


Hanging wallpaper

You’ve found a perfect style of wallpaper. Now you just need it up on the wall! AKB Property Maintenance offers professional and meticulous wallpaper hanging services at competitive prices. Once we’ve prepared both the room/s and wall/s to wallpaper, we will efficiently complete our work whilst following all COVID-19 safety precautions. We make sure that newly plastered walls have been treated before hanging any wallpaper up.


Woodwork prepping

Preparing woodwork to be painting or worked on is vitally important in order to achieve optimum results. For a number of reasons such as dirt, grease, and grime, previous paint, and finish, woodwork needs to be prepped before anything is done to it. This extra step will be well worth it and save you having to redo any work on it that would be needed if it isn’t first prepared.


Woodwork painting

There is interior woodwork all-around your home. Frames for windows and doors, architraves, coving, skirting boards, and built-in furniture. Painting these wooden features can make a huge difference in your home or business property. Get professionals on the job to paint any woodwork you may have.


Varnishing, staining, oiling, and waxing woodwork and wooden surfaces

As well as preparing and painting woodwork, AKB Property Maintenance can finish the project stylishly and neatly. Caring for woodwork and wooden surfaces in and around your home will really pay off in the long run. Over time, these surfaces can dry out, fade, and become in need of some TLC. Using the right tools and substances for the wood, we can professionally finish the woodwork on your property.


Here are some other decorating services AKB Property Maintenance offers:

Architrave fitting (the feature that frames doors)

Coving fitting (the feature put between wall and ceiling to create a transition)

Skirting board fitting

Putting up shelves – shelves offer a lot of storage space. Get your shelves hung professionally and make sure your books and possessions sit safely on your purchased shelves.

Hanging frames – driving nails into the wall can be a risky business if you do not know what is actually behind that wall. AKB will safely hang up any frames, pictures, signs, or mirror you may need for your home or business.


We offer residential and commercial decorating services as well as interior and exterior decorating services – outdoor structures such as sheds, playrooms, and garages sometimes need decorating services.


Office painting and decorating services – having a fresh and stylish office workspace can boost productivity and morale. Staff and visitors will enjoy and respect a professionally decorated office.


We offer all the above decorating services for every room around your home and office. Kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, difficult to reach staircase areas, and any other rooms you may have in your property.


Contact us today to receive a quote. Either fill out the form, use the chat, email, or call us to talk to a friendly workman and get any questions you may have answered or advice you may need on painting and decorating services. Also, please feel free to look at our many other property maintenance services we offer and testimonials and reviews from previous satisfied customers.

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