Drain Unblocking and Maintenance Services

Blocked drains can be a real cause of stress. They disrupt your daily routine and make life just that little bit more difficult. But fear not, AKB Property Maintenance is here to unblock your drains in no time flat at a reasonable price. We can also clean, fix, repair, replace, and sort out any other drain related issues that may arise. After diagnosing the problem, we can swiftly and efficiently fix the issue.



To ensure you receive the best possible Drain Unblocking & Maintenance services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

How do you know if your drain is clogged?

Signs you have a blocked or clogged drain: slow draining toilets, sinks, baths, and showers. Blocked kitchen sink, blocked gutters, and a blocked outside drainage system. Sometimes you may see or even hear your toilet bubble. Water can also back up. This is all very unpleasant and it is best to call the professionals if you see any of the above happening. 


Get the experts on the job and get it all sorted out as quickly as possible. AKB Property Maintenance provides practical and diverse drain related services, able to handle whatever drain problems you have. Our drain unblockers have years of experience and the very best and most modern tools, equipment, and methods for drain unblocking. 


Issues caused by blocked drains

Drain issues can lead to a number of other problems in and around your property if not promptly taken care of.


Blocked drains will eventually lead to blocked gutters. This will mean a lack of water drainage from your roof, therefore, roof damage and mould and damp problems. It may seem far-fetched, but not getting your drains quickly seen to can cause so many other problems.


Another common complaint from block drains is bad odor and puddles on the floor. 

It makes sense to get these problems sorted before these other problems occur and save on future time, stress, and expenses.


Emergency drain unblocking

AKB’s emergency drain unblocking services are fast and reliable. Our team can arrive on the job in very little time and sort out any leaks, bad blockages, and other drain issues that could become a risk to health and safety.


At AKB, we are willing to take on any size and type of drain job. Drain unblocking, cleaning, high-pressure jet washing, drain surveys, drainage repairs, drain installations, commercial and residential, fast and inexpensive. We won’t leave you until everything is working correctly. We also offer to descale, CCTV reports, root removals, cesspit, and septic tank emptying, cleanouts and maintenance, drain testing, and tracing. On top of that, manhole and cover repair and replacements, excavations, drain lining services, and finally grease fat interceptors services all across North Kent.


Our drain vacuums can suck up blockages and build-ups. AKB’s effective methods mean using less energy to sort out blockages by using smart and modern technology such as the waste water recycling system. We mean to get to the root of the problem and prevent future blockages and emergencies. No matter accessibility or availability, we’re here to help. 


Drain cleaning and maintenance

As well as drain clearing, drain cleaning is just as an important yet overlooked task. AKB can set up a one-off or a regular drain cleaning maintenance program. Our motto is “we’ll come and do our job and you just sit back and relax.” With this program, we can monitor your drains, make sure everything is always running smoothly, and address any issues that could come up. 

This is a great plan if you own property. This program includes regular cleans that will reduce the chances of future drain emergencies, keeping your drain and plumbing system happy, as well as any residents you may have. Proof of scheduled drain cleans and maintenance can be attractive to a property buyer as it shows that you have kept your drains in very good condition.


What do we use to clean your drains? AKB uses high-pressure jet washing methods and machines to clean away any dirt, grime, debris, fat, oils, grease, rag, and build-up. Professional drain cleaning involves fast and effective cleans to keep your drains running at their best. Not only is this system efficient, but it is also very environmentally friendly. This super method can cut through even the toughest of dirt and greases.


After drains have been cleaned, bad smells and odor will disappear over time and keep residents and customers happy.


How much does drain cleaning cost?

Depending on the condition and size of your drain system, cleaning can cost anywhere from £70 to £200. Possible more, possibly less. Residential is of course much cheaper than commercial and industrial such as schools, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, offices, and more.


Drain repairs and replacements

Over time, with years of wear and tear can cause leaks and breakages. Our no-dig drain repair services mean less work and less mess. Also known as trenchless repair, this popular technique for repairing drains is effective and economical. These clever and well-thought-out methods will leave you smiling. 


Corrosions, rust, deterioration, and many other factors can cause a lot of issues when it comes to drains. Our professional repairs can often mean your pipes becoming better than new, lasting for years to come. No matter the material of the pipes and drains, we can target the problem, assess the circumstances, and address the issue.


Our trusted and reliable drain services come highly recommended. We can guarantee that you’ll be happy with the outcomes. We believe in doing our best to sort out every drain problem. AKB’s quality drain unblocking, cleaning, maintenance programs, and repair and replacement services are provided by friendly and hard-working professionals whilst following all the latest COVID-19 restrictions.


If you have any plumbing needs please feel free to see AKB’s plumbing service page.


Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can fill out the form or use the chat box. You can also email, text, or ring us and we’d be happy to discuss any drain services you may be in need of, arrange a date and time, and give you any advice.

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