Gutter repairs and replacement

Your guttering is extremely important, yet most of us don’t even consider it unless we see an obvious and noticeable leak or large blockage that is visible from the ground. And although your guttering really does affect the comfort of your home, in most cases any problems can be hard to spot and simply go unnoticed sometimes for years.



To ensure you receive the best possible Gutter Repair & Replacement services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

If you have developed damp patches on an interior wall in your home, for example, you might assume that this signifies a structural problem with the house that requires getting in the builders. The good news is that in many cases, the solution is much easier than expected and can be sorted by fixing the gutters!


According to household insurers, damaged or defective guttering is a leading cause for water damage in the home and although this sounds as if it should be caused by an unexpected torrent of water, in many cases, the damage is more insidious taking place over time.


It is important to maintain your guttering. A leaking gutter can cause a wide range of problems that are extremely easy to fix by a simple repair or by replacing the damaged guttering section.


The first step to any gutter repairs is to have the gutters cleaned

The first step to maintaining your guttering is to have the gutters cleaned professionally. This is a simple and inexpensive service that can be carried out from ground level by the use of a professional wet and dry vacuum system that is operated by the use of water fed poles.


Cleaning your gutters removes any blockages and debris such as moss, birds nests, soil and leaves and flushes the system through. A professional service will be able to identify any issues once the gutter is clean by sending cameras to check over the condition of the gutter and impossible to see areas in the downpipe.


Repairing and replacing guttering

Once any defective parts of your guttering are identified, it is usually a simple matter for the professional to make repairs or replace damaged sections. Most recently built homes in the UK use PVC guttering and this is fairly straightforward to replace.


Other materials used in guttering may be the traditional cast iron that is most commonly used in older properties or aluminium which is more robust than plastic. If you have a couple of pinhole leaks in metal guttering, you may find that filling these will be enough to repair the problem temporarily.


Replacing your gutters yourself with lightweight PVC guttering is not a difficult job but because access to the roof can be difficult, it is the easier and safer option to use a professional company. A professional service is accustomed to working at height and will use all the correct safety equipment.


In addition, if you are replacing cast iron guttering yourself, you do need to bear in mind that these are heavy with sharp edges so this will be a two-man job at least. You will also need to dispose of the guttering yourself. Again this is a cumbersome and heavy job that should not be attempted alone.


Before you decide on any drastic action regarding your guttering it is important to take professional advice. Sometimes the joints in between the sections of guttering begin to let in water so in some cases addressing this problem will be enough to remedy the problem. Often a damaged section of guttering can be replaced without disrupting the rest of the system.


Replacing the downpipe

The downpipe takes the water that has accumulated on the roof and transports it to a ground-level drain. When this becomes damaged, water can leak into the walls and into your home so it certainly needs replacing if there is any damage. Sometimes the downpipe can just become blocked and this is easily rectified by removing it and cleaning it through with a low-pressure wash. Often replacing the downpipe may be all that is required by a gutter repair.


Replacing the complete guttering system

If your guttering has multiple issues, it may be time to replace the entire system. The usual choices are between PVC guttering or aluminium. Many roofing professionals recommend aluminium as it is harder wearing than PVC. That said the important factor in any guttering is that it is clean and working correctly so either option is better than leaving broken guttering in place.


How much does it cost to repair or replace guttering?

Having your gutters cleaned professionally is a straight forward job and can be as little as £40.00 for the whole service, depending on the size of your property and your location.


Repairs and replacement guttering will depend on a range of factors including the height and accessibility of your roof, the types of materials used and what is required.

For example, replacing a downpipe with a PVC downpipe should cost somewhere in the region of £24.00 per metre. Replacing it with a cast-iron downpipe is more expensive and should cost around £57.00 per metre.


There can be additional factors to consider. It is a good idea to fit a leaf guard on the downpipe so this will cost around £13.00 you may need to replace gutter brackets or replace gutter joints.


Call in a professional guttering service

Even though you may enjoy carrying out your own DIY maintenance, cleaning, repairing or replacing your guttering is not something that many of us can do because of the problems of working at height. So unless you are technically capable and live in a bungalow or single storey building it is always better to have your guttering maintenance carried out professionally.


The bottom line…

Maintaining and repairing your own guttering is not a job for the householder. Not only is it dirty and time-consuming, working at height is not recommended and can be extremely dangerous. The good news is that calling in a professional service is not expensive and you will find that addressing any minor leaks and gutter issues now is far better than leaving them to develop into large expensive damp issues later.

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