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Whether front or back garden, residential or commercial, AKB Property Maintenance is the paving company for you. With years of experience and knowledge, the best equipment, tools, and methods for installing paving, AKB is one of the best paving companies in North Kent.



To ensure you receive the best possible paving services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

Adding a patio, driveway, courtyard, or pathway can not only improve the look and function of your property but also add value. In fact, many do not realise that some paving added to a property can increase its value more than a new bathroom can.


There is a wide variety of paving materials, designs, colours, and patterns to complement your home and garden, from rustic and vintage to modern and contemporary.


Below is useful information for paving. It can be tricky deciding what kind of paving is best for you within your budget. Read on for the best and cheapest paving materials out there, as well as the wide range of services AKB Property Maintenance offers.


What are the different types and materials of paving?

Depending on how much area you want to cover, there is a wide range of options available for you on the market. Firstly, let’s look at the different styles of paving there are.


Paving slabs: these are some of the most common choices when it comes to paving. As they are large, they’re a great option for covering large areas. You can achieve a clean, neat look if these slabs are installed correctly. There are many buying options for these and they last a long time.


Carpet stones: a diverse and flexible option creating a unique look. They are made by laying cobblestone into a mat that can be trimmed to shape. Due to being such an easy paving material to work with, they are a great option for awkward or curved areas such as small gardens or pathways. They are also cheaper than cobblestone paving as they do not require each stone to be individually laid and set into the ground.


Paving blocks: also known as block paving, these are a diverse material to work with. Similar to bricks, they can be arranged in a number of different ways. Choosing the correct colour of paving blocks for your property can really enhance it, either front or back.


After you’ve chosen what style you want, now you can choose what material will work best with your home and within your budget. Here’s a breakdown of the most common categories for paving:


Natural stone: although being expensive, this choice is completely natural, quarried from the landscape. This means each stone is completely individual and unique. It also lasts a long time – you get what you pay for. Enduring in cold weather and durable against the elements.


Concrete: much cheaper than natural stone, this is a great option for a tight budget. It is a very diverse material for paving, however. It can be poured into a wide variety of moulds. It also comes in a number of different colours.


Porcelain: this option is aimed more at modern paving. It is a low-maintenance material. Although sounding fragile, it is actually a very strong material due to the way it is produced. Its colour doesn’t fade over time and it’s a material resistant to scratches.


Natural granite: this is an extremely hardy and durable material used commonly for high traffic areas. Normally chosen for contemporary and modern homes and buildings.


Natural sandstone: a beautiful exotic material known for its warm hues and tonal variations. Enhanced by natural veins and different riven profiles. Used typically in rustic settings. This stunning material comes in a range of colours and is a great, but pricey option for driveways, patios, paths, and borders.


Natural slate: popularity on the rise, this gorgeous material offers uniqueness and character to your property. Available in different finishes and cuts.


Natural limestone: sleek and neat looking, this option is again good for modern homes and properties. A consistent and interesting-looking material.


What are the cheaper alternatives for paving?

There are always cheaper alternatives out there when it comes to paving if you are on a tight budget or have to lay down large areas of paving. For example, gravel and asphalt are great options for paving on a budget.


How do you repair paving?

For a number of reasons, damage, underground issues, and general wear and tear can really take a toll on you paving.


At AKB we offer the best paving repair services.

There are different types of repairs for different types of damage. For instance, if the type of paving you have is made up of individual stones, the damage can easily be dealt with, replacing, and blending in.

If your paving is one piece, however, this requires a slightly different approach. Some paving such as pattern imprinted concrete may have to have the area dealt with by a professional.


How do you clean dirty paving?

Over the years, exposure to the elements can mean a build-up of dirt, grime, algae, moss, mildew, lichen, and other stains such as vehicle oil. So, what is the quickest and most efficient way to clean your paving?


At AKB, we offer steam cleaning, jet washing, and biocide and bleach treatments for your paving. The type of paving and material will decide what kind of cleaning method to use. Some paving materials may be much more vulnerable to intense pressure washing. Some styles may need resanding after cleaning as well.

Prices depend on the surface area and material of your paving.


What other paving services do AKB Property Maintenance offer?

We can fit paving drainage systems, install a wide range of paths, and install manhole covers.


How much does it cost to have paving laid?

You can answer this question by what material and style you have chosen for your paving. Also on how large of an area you decide to cover.


To give you some idea of how much paving will cost, we can compare the lower and high end of the paving scale. For example, cheap gravel paving in a small area, with preparation and weeding took care of shouldn’t cost more than £100-150.


However, on the other side of the scale, expensive natural stone over a large area, with pipes, cables, and tree stumps to contend with will cost a lot more.


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