Plumbing Services

AKB Property Maintenance provides you with local and trusted plumbing services. From installation to maintenance, repairs, replacements, and emergency visits, we’re the plumbers for you. We’re based in North Kent, and offer professional and experienced plumbers to visit you at your home and sort out whatever you need regarding plumbing.



To ensure you receive the best possible plumbing services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

AKB Plumbers install, maintain, replace, and repair piping, drains, guttering, water supply systems, gas and heating systems, sewerage, and cooling and heating systems. These types of jobs should always be done by plumbers who are fully certified and trained.


With our reasonable prices and friendly and honest workmen, we make customer satisfaction our main goal. We also offer a range of other property maintenance and related services if you are in need of other jobs being done. From commercial to residential, service, and repair, we offer it all.



Plumbing installation


At AKB Property Maintenance, we have a highly-skilled and local team to fit whatever plumbing you need installing. With years of experience, we’re sure we can tackle any plumbing job you have from us.

Whether you are wanting to renovate an old kitchen or bathroom, moving into an unfurnished home or building, or need exterior plumbing services, you don’t need to look any further.


What are some of the plumbing installation services AKB offers? We will fit new… Exterior taps. Interior taps (Homebase, B&Q, Bristan, Franke, mixer). Showers, shower enclosures, and Pumps to boost shower pressure. Sinks. Toilets. Macerator units. Waste disposal units. Isolation valves. Washing machines and integrated washing machines. Tumble dryers. Radiators. Heaters. Boilers. And other miscellaneous fittings


AKB Property Maintenance offers to both supply and fit any of the above for either domestic or commercial properties. Following all the correct COVID-19 safety measures, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and sanitizing all surfaces before leaving.


We want to make sure that you get your new plumbing installed professionally, by experts, to save possibly spending thousands of pounds spent on damages to your property due to poor installations or materials used. We also offer sound advice and are happy to point you toward the best units and fittings you could get for your budget.


Some plumbing jobs require fitting new pipes into walls and underground if necessary. You will probably be given some options, advice, and details on how this will be done. We don’t want any unnecessary damage being done to your property, so we’ll ensure that all the correct safety measures and procedures are carefully followed.


You can consult with us by either filling out the form, emailing us or ringing us up.



Plumbing maintenance


In order for your plumbing to function properly, it must be maintained. Plumbing can be likened to the blood system of your home. To keep your property running smoothly and effectively, it’s vital that you keep everything well looked after, clean, and free from small damages that could later turn into much larger issues.


At AKB Property Maintenance, our experience and fully trained plumbers would be happy to help you with a range of plumbing maintenance jobs. Whether you just need one thing worked on, or a routine checkup, feel free to make an enquiry by contacting us.


There is a difference between plumbers and heating engineers. At AKB Property Maintenance, we provide only the best plumbing services, with plumbers who are fully trained and certified, coming with all the qualifications to deal with work around your home. With years of experience along with reviews, recommendations, references, and testimonials, we come fully insured and willing to assist and advise you. Working with gas can be extremely dangerous if done by the wrong person. It is always wise to make sure you are hiring the right guys for the job, avoiding dire consequences. Better to get the job done properly rather than botched for a cheaper price.


Emergency plumbing services


AKB offers local emergency plumbers to promptly come to your residential or commercial property and efficiently fix any plumbing issues you may have, such as burst pipes and the likes before damage is done to your building. See below the list of repairs and replacements below.



Plumbing repairs & replacements


Leaks can cause a number of issues, depending on where the leak is located. Not only will the leak waste large volumes of water over time, resulting in huge water bills, but leaks can cause water damage, which can even compromise the structure and integrity of a building. Leaks can introduce mould and mildew to a home or building, which can spread throughout. Water stains on walls and puddles can be the result of a leaking pipe.


Leaking toilets can be the result of poorly installed plumbing or deteriorating seals. This causes a variety of problems and can pose a threat to hygiene and health. Repairs are generally inexpensive and easy.


At AKB Property Maintenance, we can swiftly deal with any leaks you may have in your property, saving you from stress and having to spend out in the future. We also install drip trays under appliances that have a tendency to leak such as washing machines and heaters, preventing water damage.


Slow drains are caused by blockages and foreign substances in the pipes. You may notice this issue if water drains slowly. Flushing down the toilet anything other than human waste and toilet roll such as tissues, wet wipes, and nappies can cause huge issues, not only for your toilet but for plumbing systems and septic tanks.


Water pressure can be an issue when it is either too weak or too strong. Making sure it’s at a safe level is important to keeping your plumbing all working properly. Draining your water heater every now and then is important. Also, keeping sewer systems and septic tanks fully functioning is vital to preventing possible health and safety violations.




Although some plumbing issues may seem small and insignificant, they can grow into bigger and more expensive to fix problems in no time at all. That’s why we recommend sorting out any concerns you may have with your plumbing as swiftly as possible.

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