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Here at AKB Property Maintenance, we provide the best wood flooring services in North Kent! Not only do we provide wood installation services, but also wood floor repairs, replacements, and restorations. We are also happy to give you the best advice from Whatever wood floor needs you have, we’re the company to fill them.



To ensure you receive the best possible wood flooring services, it is vital that you find a professional, trustworthy, and well-reviewed company who not only has the right tools and equipment but experience and knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to look much further when it comes to AKB Property Services.

Wood floors are one of the oldest, most beautiful types of flooring out there. As there is an abundance of variety when it comes to wood floors; colour, style, texture, pattern, and more, it has the ability to go with any style; contemporary, vintage, rustic. Hardwood flooring may also have the potential to add some value to your property, though it’s not guaranteed.


But, what is the best type of wooden floor for your home and within your budget?


What types of wood floors are there?

Hardwood floors can be put into two basic categories: solid and engineered.


The difference between these two floorings is that solid hardwood flooring is natural wood floorboards, solid and real. Its floorboards are produced from a solid piece of wood.


Engineered hardwood flooring, however, is manufactured wood flooring designed to look like the real deal except at a lower price and more flexible installation options available. It is made by layering and then topping with a real layer of hardwood.


Should I get solid or engineered hardwood floors?

Although expensive, solid hardwood floors have a unique ability to last many decades if they are properly maintained and refinished regularly. You can contact AKB Property Maintenance if you want a professional to visit your home and refinish your floor.


However, there are a couple of things to take into consideration before installing solid hardwood flooring. As this material is natural, you may experience some issues if your flooring isn’t properly installed or is installed in the wrong environment.


For example, if the solid hardwood planks you buy aren’t properly treated and dried, they can contract and shrink after being installed and leave gaps in your floor.

Another common issue is humidity and moisture. Moisture can build if these floors are installed in subterranean rooms such as basements and can cause the wood to warp. High humidity environments can lead to the wood cupping along the borders of the floor.


One other issue is, if you desire your solid hardwood flooring to be installed over the concrete substrate, this may not be an option as each board has to be nailed to the subfloor.


So make sure you get the experts on the job, who have years of knowledge and skill when it comes to wood flooring and can give you accurate advice, saving you from future problems with your solid wood floors and making the whole process a delight, leaving you satisfied.


Engineered hardwood flooring may save you not only from these common issues that solid hardwood brings but also save you a few pennies.


This flooring not only costs less than solid hardwood but has the potential to look just as good. This option is easy to work with and can be installed even on concrete subfloor as planks are snapped together rather than nailed down. This means it can be installed pretty much over any type of flooring.


Engineered hardwood planks can also be fitted in basements as some brands can withstand higher levels of humidity and moisture than solid planks. Using the correct installation methods will mean no chance of expansion or contraction issues, remaining flat.


Although you can refinish some engineered hardwood floors, it’s best to check with the manufacturers whether refinishing is an option, as if it isn’t, it may cause more harm than any good. However, engineered planks are low-maintenance and require little upkeep once installed.


What are the different types of hardwood flooring?

Now you know the difference between solid and engineered hardwood, you can pick which type of hardwood you want for your property. There is a large variety in this department, you can choose your favourite colour tones, wood grain patterns, and durability.


If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for more information on this topic or to get advice for the best kind of hardwood to use for your style and condition of your home.


The most popular hardwood option is oak. As this type of hardwood goes with so many styles and themes, it’s commonly found in homes. If you decide to go for oak flooring, you can specify your choice even more with red or white oaks for example.


Walnut is an interesting and captivating wood, rich in colour and tone. Although, it may suffer more wear and tear in high-traffic areas than other hardwoods.


Another beloved hardwood choice is cherry. Again, cherry tends to be a bit softer than other hardwoods, but it really shows its true beauty if installed in wider, larger planks that make it possible to see the full grain pattern in all its glory.


Hickory is a highly durable, hardy hardwood good for areas with high-traffic. As it is so durable, it has been used a lot in school gymnasiums. It’s a great choice for country and rustic homes.


Mapel is yet another hardy choice. It’s a lighter hardwood and has a fine grain pattern with the odd dark streak, making it visually appealing. This makes it a diverse flooring material with the ability to complement a number of different styles.


Which type of wooden flooring is the best?

Do decide what kind of wooden flooring is best for you, you need to take into consideration your budget, whether you have the time and money to maintain a more expensive wooden flooring if you have animals or young children that may damage certain types of wood flooring and more.


Although hardwood floors may be beautiful, they need to qualify for your lifestyle in order to bring joy to you and not future stress.


If you do not wish to install hardwood flooring, there are other options available such as laminate, bamboo, parquet, and cork flooring. Each of these choices brings their own perks and weaknesses to the table.


Wood floor installation

At AKB we offer a range of wood flooring installation services.

We can both supply and fit any type of wood for your home. We can also level subfloors and prepare your property for the installation process. We offer to damp and sound-proof your floors if you require it. When it comes to skirting boards and beady we can both supply the materials and then cut and fit them into place. We also can work with doors and door frames.


Wood floor repairs and replacements

For a number of reasons, damage can be caused to your wood floors. At AKB Property Maintenance, we can deal with those problems effectively and efficiently, leaving your wooden floors looking better than ever and a smile on your face.


Wood floor maintenance

Treating, refinishing, cleaning, restoring, oiling, revitalising, polishing, and making your floors looking as good as new is what we offer to do at AKB Property Maintenance.


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